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MIdori Hata

Michiko Chiyoda




命には限りがある。そんなあたりまえのことを意識しないで時は過ぎていました。しかし、2014年9月、私は乳癌と診断され、ステージはⅢbまで進行しており、それなりの動揺はありましたが、どこかで現実を静かに受け止める自分がいたのです。抗がん剤、手術、放射線治療を終えたあと、一年間の抗体療法。いつどんな状況になるのか予測 はできませんが、今、こうして元気でいることは確かです。そして、いつかは、この世の命の終わりがくることを意識できたことは、たくさんの気づきもあり、ありがたくも感じています。5年前、創作活動の拠点を、30年間過ごした東京から郷里の広島に移し、教室や展示会を広島ペースで進めていました。そして一 昨年、ちょうど戦後70年という節目の年を 迎え、改めて被爆地広島の一市民であることに思いを深くしたのです。作品集を出す「時」を与えられたように感じました。いのちの尊さ、平和への切なる願いを込め「染花・うつわ・墨文字」の世界を、ここに発表いたします。

世界平和記念聖堂の静寂な光のなかでシャッターを押してくださった写真家の千代 田氏と共有した時間は、とても貴重な体験でした。英文学者の早川氏の翻訳文が美しい調べを奏で、花のひとひらひとひらを共に創ってくださった方々によって、命が吹き込まれた染花たち。これまでに出逢ったおひとりおひとりに、この場をお借りして心から感謝申し上げます。


Midori Hata

Every life has an end. For years I was not aware of this universal reality, until September 2014, when I was told that breast cancer had progressed in my body up to stage IIIb. While shocked for a while, I found myself somehow calm, and accepted reality as it was. For a whole year, anti-cancer medications, operations, and radiation treatments were undergone, followed by anti-body medical treatment. Nobody can tell what will happen next. but what is true is that I am alive now, and keeping well.
And to be honest, facing the reality that every life on this earth has an end, I feel grateful for this unexpected opportunity that made me conscious of many forms of life.
It was five years ago when I moved to Hiroshima after living in my hometown, Tokyo, for thirty years. In Hiroshima, workshop classes and events were planned and carried out. Two years ago, when we had the 70th anniversary of the end of the War, I became more deeply reflective upon myself as a citizen of atomic-bombed Hiroshima.
 What a revelation to feel that the time has come to create a book of collected “somebana”!
 I dedicate this book as my message of life as bliss with a sincere prayer for peace; “Somebana”, Flowers in Bliss / Vessels / Calligraphy.
This book owes greatly to the following people who were involved and to whom my sincere acknowledgment goes; for the photographs, Ms. Michiko Chiyoda. The time I was allowed to share with her in the light of solitude while photographing in the Memorial Cathedral for World Peace was absolutely special for me. For the English translation, Prof. Atsuko Hayakawa, a translator and professor of English literature. She collaborated with my project with beautiful words that resonate with each “somebana” to make it bloom. I express my deepest sense of gratitude to all those who I met in my life for their dedicated support.or double click me to add your own content and make changes to the font. Feel free to drag and drop me anywhere you like on your page. 

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