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Michiko Chiyoda's Profile

After graduating from an art university, I got a job at an advertising agency as a graphic designer. Working there for years, I changed to a job at an optical equipment manufacturer and I restarted to take pictures. 

The theme of my picture is as follows.


”Stories exist anywhere, 
in the time someone lived, 
in the places something occurred. 
And, it's going on. 
You have your own stories, so do I.”



▪️Personal exhibition

2003 ‘Shimouchimagi‘ at Gallery 1/f, Tokyo 
2008 ‘M House‘ at Kodak wall gallery, Tokyo 
2010 ‘Abyss of time‘ at Totem Pole Photo Gallery, Tokyo 
2013 ‘Sound from the sky‘ at Gallery space M, 


▪️Group exhibition

2006 ‘Tokyo’ at Sirius gallery, Tokyo 
2007 ‘Time’ at Chotoku gallery, Tokyo 
2008 ‘Road’ at Gallery corso, Tokyo 
2009 ‘Drug (friend/Russian)’ at Kodak gallery, Tokyo 
2010 ‘Reincarnation’ at Gallery corso, Tokyo 
2011 ‘Stream’ at Gallery corso, Tokyo 
  ‘Wind’ at Gallery cosmos, Tokyo 
  ‘Tokyo 2 ’ at Sirius gallery, Tokyo 
2012 ‘Hole’ at Crossroad gallery, Tokyo 
2013 ‘Wind‘ at Sirius gallery, Tokyo 
  ‘Rainbow’ at Gallery corso, Tokyo 
2014 "Infinity" at Gallery corso, Tokyo



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